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New Website Coming Soon

We are a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to developing creativity and inspiration in artists and audiences alike. We have had two festivals (2012 and 2013), in the fields of Bracknell and Canterbury, where young minds met to share music, poetry, film, theatre, dance and ideas. We are planning our third festival for Summer 2015!

Our new website is under construction, due for release in Spring 2014. We are very excited about it, as we will finally have a chance to present the networks of artists and creators that have been part of all Brainchild’s work so far, and to share updates and ideas for our upcoming projects beyond the festival.

If you would like to stay in touch with what’s happening and hear about opportunities to get involved, then please enter your email below and we will welcome you into all the proceedings.

All our love, the Brainchild team.

Background art by Rachel Shasha. Logo by Joseph Melhuish. Contact us at marina<at>brainchildfestival.co.uk